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Soya milk.

I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but last night I finally decided to buy some soya milk and give it a try! I don’t want to cut out cow’s milk, I just want to drink less of it.

When I got home, I poured myself a small glass and reluctantly took a sip only to find out it was delicious. I was really surprised! It was very creamy tasting and didn’t taste weird as I’d expected it to. I bought the original stuff which is sweetened but there was an unsweetened version which I think would be a better but just maybe not as tasty.

I used it in my blueberry porridge this morning and it was really good. I put honey on top of it but it really didn’t need it, the soya milk and the blueberries made it sweet enough.

On the way to work I got my weekly treat of a cinnamon latte from Costa. Was on a bit of a roll with the soya thing so I decided to ask for it with soya milk. It tasted pretty much exactly the same as the whole milk one, I only really noticed it when it got to the bottom of the cup and the coffee had cooled down a lot. The best thing about it is that it saves about 60 calories! I didn’t feel as bloated as I usually do after drinking one as well which is always a plus.

I’m interested to know if the chocolate version would be good after a workout as well. Chocolate milk is still my favourite post run snack.

The true test is going to be when I try it in a cup of tea though, I haven’t heard good things about using it in tea. I may have to stick to cow’s milk at weekends if it isn’t good, I don’t think me and the boy could last without a decent brew!

Overall I think it’s a winner. Unless I suddenly discover I have some sort of intolerance to it. The only thing that does concern me is it costs quite a bit more than cow’s milk.

This reminds me, I still need to post about the almond milk I made. I’ll try and do that tonight :)

— 1 year ago
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